A few words from Lou about our 2019 CD
 OK So Far...
including notes on all the songs

For more info, a free lyric sheet, or to purchase ($10 download, $15 CD), go HERE.

OK, So Far...   

Our very first recording, Lou & Peter Berryman (No Relation), was released in 1980, so we're just a little ahead of 20 recordings in 40 years.  We ARE slowing down a bit, though, since our last CD, I DON'T GET IT, was released in 2014. 

When we stopped touring in 2017 and decided to only play a few local shows a year, we weren't quite sure how we'd adjust.  We're happy to report that we both still love playing music, and we've had as much fun writing and recording this album as ever. Maybe more. 

Once again, an album of oddly philosophical questions and answers, with social comment, reflections on aging and curiosity about the future. 

1. The Boomers Are Rising Again:  "Oh yes, we have signs, we have done this before" 

2. Hieronymus or Salvador:  "When you're wounded in the heart, hold the healing hand of art" 

3. Inertia:  "The bed...so warm...I'm stuck...like glue...inertia." 

4. National Fake Matisse Day:  Each year we celebrate Matisse' birthday, Dec.31, by painting, guess what: a fake Matisse! Here's how. 

5. Mazomanian Moon:  We wrote this song and performed it in Mazo in 2012, but never again, until now... 

6. Million Years:  1st recorded in 2003. Here it is again, with an added chorus: The perspective from Madison

7. I Wondered: "...what's the point of life?" 

8. The Diagnosis:  A old birthday joke, in song. 

9. Painted Paintings: "My work is only hanging in the foyer of my brain" 

10. Soup Month: "Every month a food month, you can look it up..." 

11. Speaker Stands with Cranks: We celebrate "...the luxury of speaker stands with cranks" 

12. All Traveled Out: And we're "tooting ta-ta to the trail" 

13. Da Subber's Done:  Peter laments his hay fever. Lou translates. 

14. A Little Water:  A public service announcement we wrote a few years back for Madison Water Utility, about conservation. 

15. Where'd Everybody Go:  Our first and only song about the Packers, though rather subtle... 

16. You Can Always Play Guitar: When "you feel rejected and completely disconnected, not to mention unprotected, you can always play guitar"