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Peter's monthly column, since October 1997, for the
Madison Folk Music Society Newsletter, MadFolk News.
NOTE: The September 2017 WZ is the very last one, making a full 20 years of columns. THANK YOU EVERYONE for letting me yammer on for so long!!!!

We'll leave a few years worth of these on this, our website. Also, many back episodes are archived at the MadFolk site, along with the Mad Folk News. There is some talk of a book of selected columns. If anyone would be interested in such a thing, either as a paperback or a digital version, I'd love to hear from you. Again, deep thanks to everyone. --Peter

2017 Whither Zithers

September 2017 Last WZ. Hello I Must Be Going. 2.78 MB
August 2017 Coffeehouses of yore. 164 KB
July 2017 At My Window: Window songs 149 KB
June 2017 Retirement Songs 153 KB
May 2017 Fifty Years Ago Again. Crazy 1967. 156 KB
April 2017 The Nail Machine: 1833 visit to one in story & song. 517 KB
March 2017 Song: The Boomers Are Rising Again 226 KB
February 2017 Big Decision: No more national tours. 141 KB
January 2017 A Bit More Dylan: 3 quotes crossword puzzle. 217 KB
2016 Whither Zithers
December 2016 The Whither Zither Illustrated Alphabet 1.04 MB
November 2016 Me and Bob Dylan 149 KB
October 2016 Begone Listlessness: An appreciation of lists. 145 KB
September 2016 Tunas of Yore: Random songwriting scraps 132 KB
August 2016 Info Bonanza: PubMed Central 148 KB
July 2016 Music To The Rescue! 81.2 KB
June 2016 Whistle Musings: The Original Tweets 103 KB
May 2016 Amusing Amusia: Tin Ears and More 117 KB
April 2016 My Sister Susannah Remembers Music in our Childhood Home. 132 KB
March 2016 Jump Rope Rap: The weird world of jumprope rhymes. 86.5 KB
February 2016 The Ever Popular Ja-da Ja-da Jing Jing Jing 139 KB
January 2016 1,2,3: Waltzes Everywhere! 169 KB
2015 Whither Zithers
December 2015 Alan Lomax 100th! Recordings now online, plus Broonzy interview. 103 KB
November 2015 Happy Birthday To You song now up for grabs. 128 KB
October 2015 Study: the brain of the musician is different. 3.15 MB
September 2015 Reduplicatives, like ha ha, doo dah, and ringy dingy. 114 KB
August 2015 Review of Curiosities of Street Literature; a marvelous free 1871 collection. 593 KB
July 2015 Quotations Wise and Otherwise. 109 KB
June 2015 A Thwarted Romance: further along the trail. Part 2 of 2. 116 KB
May 2015 A Thwarted Romance: on the trail of a song's story. Part 1 of 2. 142 KB
April 2015 Madison Folk Music Society Logo Musings. 314 KB
March 2015 More loony musical patents courtesy of US Patent Office and Google. 1.04 MB
February 2015 Me and Kiki of Montparnasse, Part B. 229 KB
January 2015 Me and Kiki of Montparnasse, Part A. 119 KB
2014 Whither Zithers
December 2014 Whither Zither Gift Guide for the Swank. 139 KB
November 2014 Thank you Larry.  A farewell to Wisconsin's Larry Penn. 342 KB
October 2014 Help Keep This Place Clean. 98.6 KB
September 2014 Accordion Miscellany.  Strange squeezings from elsewhere. 448 KB
August 2014 Ostensibly: A follow-up to July's "Does Truth Matter?" 117 KB
July 2014  Does Truth Matter?  A question that isn't answered here. 84.2 KB
June 2014 The Tuba Skinny:  Past tubas and jugs, plus a New Orleans band. 727 KB
May 2014 Case load: a fascinating overview of my guitar case contents. 188 KB
April 2014 The painted guitar.  No words, just pictures of guitar paintings. 304 KB
March 2014 Ukulele miscellany, etc, so forth, and then some. 103 KB
February 2014 Red Sky At Night, Sailors Happy: Rhymes and the ring of truth. 135 KB
January 2014 Till the Lordly Hudson Seaward:  School songs. 99.3 KB
2013 Whither Zithers
December 2013 Thank You Faith Petric, 1915-2013. 87.9 KB
November 2013 A song about folding chairs, as mentioned in June. 298 KB
October 2013 More old musical patents, weirder and weirder. 1.41 MB
September 2013 Pianists vs Guitarists: Who feels more competent? 134 KB
August 2013 Pop Quiz?  No, Folk Quiz.  Match folky to info tidbit. 80.9 KB
July 2013 Anticipation: good as the event. Proven scientifically. 75.2 KB
June 2013 Rackable if not stackable FOLDING CHAIR. 109 KB
May 2013 Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; Warm Kitty. 70.4 KB
April 2013 Almost Spring: The helix as song form; the idea of "almost." 108 KB
March 2013 History of the Folk Revival by Anonymous Youth 55.6 KB
February 2013 Arlo Leach and Jug Band Music. 71.4 KB
January 2013 Cryptomnesia, but first, Saturnalia. 102 KB
2012 Whither Zithers
December 2012 Yorgesson Yule: Yogi Yorgesson and I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas. 77.8 KB
November 2012 Jimmy Driftwood and Ralph Emery. 80.8 KB
October 2012 Crankies. Folk song and story illustrated on moving scrolls. 382 KB
September 2012 Two Little Songbirds in a grueling practice session. 131 KB
August 2012 Draw Me a Picture. Thoughts on song illustration. 54.3 KB
July 2012 Josh White Sr., St James Infirmary Blues, 1964, Oshkosh. 51.1 KB
June 2012 Small Town Songs: A few of our own. 55.6 KB
May 2012 The Whither Zither One-Page Magazine. Total miscellany, illustrated. 145 KB
April 2012 Sounds Like a Title: The naming of songs, paintings, and other artworks. 47.5 KB
March 2012 Creativity Scanned: Jazz in an MRI, vs Kerouac's spontaneous prose. 50.2 KB
February 2012 Those Darlins, Uncle Dave Macon, the Carter family, and on and on. 54.2 KB
January 2012 Michael Cooney and the beginnings of the folk scene in Colorado. 39.1 KB
2011 Whither Zithers
December 2011 Bird Bird Bird Review Review Review: 3 young adults review a song in Erie PA. 43.7 KB
November 2011 Rhyme Time: Simple rhyme fun. 38.4 KB
October 2011 Guitars and such: Crossword puzzle. 2.35 MB
September 2011 Superhybridity: Gloopy Morass, creative breakthrough, or old hat? 50.2 KB
August 2011 CD review: Case History by "Haywire Brack" Brackney of the Rose Tattoo. 221 KB
July 2011 Donuts: 12 dozen makes one gross: The interesting number twelve. 45.2 KB
June 2011 Soup is a Popular Meal: Another smattering of quotations. 46.1 KB
May 2011 Clementine Partially Parsed: Oh My Darling Clementine's devices diagrammed. 44.2 KB
April 2011 The song Solidarity Forever and part of its interesting history. 53.3 KB
March 2011 Whither Zither Diner, where chewing is the oral tradition. 36.4 KB
February 2011 Isabel Farewell: "How it goes" and folk music. 46.4 KB
January 2011 Reduce cravings with songs about their enjoyment? 48.8 KB
2010 Whither Zithers
December 2010 Self-portrait with hypocrisy and guitar. 198 KB
November 2010 Don't you dare call it post-punk, and other don't-you-dare-call-its. 50.3 KB
October 2010 Nola, the song, as performed by Cindy, the squeezeboxer, and Steve, the picker. 60.5 KB
September 2010 The Personal Song: How I might write lyrics for your uncle's birthday. 49.4 KB
August 2010 Another Autoharper's Index (as in July 2005), with more apologies to Harper's Index. 42.3 KB
July 2010 Book Review of Christine Lavin's Cold Pizza For Breakfast 58.4 KB
June 2010 Commie Zithers: The late Susan Reed and the Blacklist. 36.9 KB
May 2010 One String per Month: The 12-String Guitar, briefly. 63.4 KB
April 2010*** Stage Names Crossword Puzzle. ***SOLUTION BELOW*** 37.6 KB
March 2010 The Second Blow Hole: folk music and topography. 92.8 KB
February 2010 Book Review: We Shall Overcome by Stuart Stotts. 43.1 KB
January 2010 Book Review: We Shall Overcome by Stuart Stotts. 56.6 KB
***APRIL'S SOLUTION*** April's crossword puzzle solved! 114 KB