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Starting time for the Old Berryman Songs Nite on March 2 is 7:30. We had it listed as 8:00. Sorry!

We have made available a few new songs not on an album yet. Please take a peek on our new SINGLES page!

NEW FEATURE: Looking for a particular song of ours?  Check out our new alphabetical song index! 

Hiya!  We are songwriters in the folk/cabaret tradition, you might say, and have been at it full time since the late 70s. Our songs are either funny or not so funny but with a twist. Lou plays the accordion and writes the music; Peter plays the 12-string guitar and writes the lyrics. We have the same last name because we were married to each other briefly many years ago. Currently we have eighteen albums available for download, the most recent thirteen also available as CD's. We also have a pretty hefty songbook for sale. You can learn more about us than you probably want to know on our bio page.

BIG IMPORTANT NOTICE, you might say:

WE ARE RETIRING FROM NATIONAL TOURING after our three eastern gigs in April, but we'll still be playing around Wisconsin. Please see Peter's Whither Zither column for February, discussing the matter further.

-- Lou and Peter


TIP JAR, you might say:

 Every now and then we receive a couple dollars in the mail from someone who has enjoyed our music via YouTube or some other free source and feels the kindly urge to remunerate us a bit. Please DO NOT feel obligated in the least little bit, but if you just can't help yourself, below is the button to push for PayPal donations. THANK YOU so VERY MUCH!!

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Dear gang: Presenting below for your viewing pleasure a video recently commissioned by the Madison Water Utlity of a little jingle we wrote for them! Fun project!

...and don't forget our SONGBOOK:
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Lou & Peter's BIG SONGBOOK

222 songs, 334 pages! Only $30; FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in USA! Click the picture or HERE for more details!
Also listed on our SHOWS page.

Shawano Folk Festival

Shawano, WI

This lovely festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary. We'll be doing a 1 hour concert in the afternoon, time TBA